Additional Commissioner’s Desk

Sree Devi Kumari Women’s College stands out as an educational haven, where a distinguished faculty dedicates itself to providing unparalleled learning experiences. Our institution is not just a place of learning; it’s a beacon of service to our community, striving to elevate education standards and enrich the lives of our students. We are steadfast in our commitment to embrace cutting-edge technology, ensuring our students are equipped for the demands of the modern world.

Driven by passion and armed with expertise, we are a dynamic force poised to ensure the utmost satisfaction of all who engage with us. Our pledge is to invest every possible resource in nurturing and advancing academic brilliance, for the betterment of society and our nation.

Additional Commissioner (Educational & Charitable Institutions)
Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Department





1. Thiru. T.Rajendran, I.A.S.,
Government Secretary (Additional Charge)
04.06.2007 to 15.07.2007
2. Thiru. T.Pitchandi, I.A.S., 16.07.2007 to 30.04.2009
3. Thiru. P.R. Sampath, I.A.S., 30.04.2009 to 22.05.2011
4. Thiru. M.Kalaivanan, I.A.S., 23.05.2011 to 26.09.2011
5. Thiru. R.Chandhra Kumar, I.A.S., 27.09.2011 to 28.06.2012
6. Thiru. M.Rajaram, I.A.S.,
Government Secretary (Additional Charge)
29.06.2012 to 27.09.2012
7. Thiru. P.Dhanapal, M.A., B.L., 28.09.2012 to 08.03.2015
8. Thiru. M.Veera Shanmuga Moni, I.A.S., 15.03.2015 to 26.08.2017
9. Tmt. R.Jaya, I.A.S., 29.08.2017 to 24.08.2018
10. Thiru. T.K.Ramachandran, I.A.S., 25.08.2018 to 10.01.2019
11. Thiru. K. Phanindra Reddy I.A.S., 11.01.2019 to 08.09.2020
12. Dr. S. Prabhakar I.A.S., 09.09.2020 to 23.04.2021
13. Thiru. G. Rajamani I.A.S., 24.04.2021 to 14.05.2021
14. Thiru. J. Kumara Gurubaran I.A.S., 15.05.2021 to 04.02.2023
15. Thiru.K.V.Muralidharan I.A.S., 05.02.2023 to Till Date